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In Memory of

Norm Wicks

(backgound song Nella fantasia sung by Russell Watson from is album titled The Voice. click here for the words )

Norm spoke these words at his brotherís memorial. They are words that Norman lived by:

ďRemember that life is short.

Donít waste it.

Donít take small bites.

Swallow life whole. Devour Life.

Be all you can be.

Be larger than life.Ē




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Book of Condolences
Gordon Milne delivered a touching eulogy at NVSS and at Mapes Elementary
  A message from friends





Wicks, Norman Craig. Died on Wednesday, November 20, 2002. Norman was born in White Rock, BC in 1952 to Jean and Russell Wicks. Family was important to Norman. The tragedies of losing both his parents and his two brothers, Wade and Stephen, in recent years brought great sadness, but also moved him to value every moment and all the richness that life can offer. Norman will be greatly missed by his partner, Joyce Upex; his sister Susan Stitt; his brother-in-law, Robert Stitt; his sister-in-law, Patricia Wicks; his nephews, Steven and Patrick Wicks, his great-nephews, Taylor and Ryland Wicks; his many loving friends and extended family.



Early Life

Life for Norman was as large as his heart and filled with people and adventures around the globe. From a rich childhood on the family hobby farm with pet skunks and horses and raids on the neighbouring strawberry fields,



Normanís work and studies took him and his partner, Joyce, to Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, along the coast of British Columbia and into the northern regions of the province. Norm was fascinated by aboriginal people, art and culture. Norm and Joyce had recently begun plans for a cross country motorbike trip of Australia with friends Gordon and Denise Milne (Joyce and Denise were to drive the support van).



Norman was a long-time resident of Vanderhoof, BC and principal of two schools in the Nechako School District. He was one of the top educators in northern BC; a highly educated, articulate, sensitive teacher. Norman received his PhD in Education from the University of Tasmania, Australia, where his research contributed to theories of educative leadership in indigenous schools in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He received his Masters degree from the University of Victoria in studies on approaches to teaching in learning in intercultural contexts. Graduating from Simon Fraser University with a degree in English and Sociology, Normanís early career centred on working with youth at risk.



Norman was a person who loved life. One could find him in the backwoods, honing his flyfishing skills or standing in front of an international audience presenting theories on leadership. His connection to people and with the natural world that he loved so much came from a great passion for life and learning. He is remembered for his compassion and integrity. Norman was known as a person who inspired those around him and was always there for them.



School District No. 91 has set up a bursary in memory of Norm Wicks. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to The Norm Wicks Bursary, being established to celebrate Normanís life and his practice of giving a helping hand to youth. The bursary will recognize excellence in life and education. Donations to the bursary can be made at any branch of the Royal Bank of Canada to the following account:
Transit Number : 07840
Account Number: 100 0462


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